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Our organization of licensed professional engineers and architectural support has extensive experience in the single-family, multi-family, and commercial construction markets.

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Ray Engineering is a full-service consulting engineering company established in 1990 with the resources to be an important participant in your projects, from conception to completion.

We pride ourselves on our excellent track record in completing engineering services on time and on budget.

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Civil Engineering

Preparation of design plans and specifications for structural restoration.
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Structural Engineering

Review and analyze structural concerns including settlement problems, exterior deck, handrail or walkway problems, roof leaks or problems that could impact the structural integrity of a building.
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Forensic Engineering

Forensic Engineering is essentially the investigation of materials, products or structures that fail or do not operate or function as intended causing personal injury or property damage.
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Building Assessments and Inspections

Structural Integrity Reserve Study - SIRS

Condominium and Cooperative Buildings 3+ stories – Florida

  • Based on a visual inspection, the study will state:
  • The remaining useful life and estimated replacement cost / deferred maintenance cost of:
  • Roof
  • Load-bearing elements
  • Fireproofing and fire protection systems
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Waterproofing and Painting
  • Window & Exterior Doors*
  • Any other item that exceeds $10,000 and would negatively affect the building

*Disclaimer: As per the responsibility of the association based on their governing documents

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Milestone Inspections

30 years (25 years if determined by local authorities based on environmental conditions such as salt water)

Condominium and Cooperative Buildings
3+ stories – Florida

Phase One

  • Visual inspection for signs of substantial structural deterioration

Phase Two (if necessary)

  • Additional inspections and testing

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20 Year Capital Reserve Analysis

Our engineers have the Community Associations Institute designation of Reserve Specialists.

Many associations are putting together budgets for future repairs and replacements of all common elements and this helps assist with that process.  The Capital Reserve Analysis includes a review of the property with input from Board Members, Property Manager and Maintenance Supervisor

The Capital Reserve Analysis includes:

  • Objective
  • Procedures and Limitations
  • Property Description and Condition
  • Estimate of Repairs
  • Budget
  • Photographs
  • Review with Board Members and Property Manager

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Transitional Study (Developer Turnover)

A Transition Study or Developer Turn-Over Report is prepared when your community is being turned over to the Home Owner’s Association by the developer.  These studies are often performed in conjunction with a Capital Reserve Analysis.  The study consists of a  thorough inspection of the common elements of the community.  The study documents any design, construction, building codes or condition defects.  This study, which is conducted by a professional engineer, provides an independent expert opinion on the recommended remediation of the defects along with the estimated costs to remediate the defects.

The goal of the Transition Study is to assist the community in avoiding costly defect litigation by having the defective items corrected by the developer or reach a fair settlement.

The Transition Study includes:

  • A review of each of the common elements of the community
  • The condition of each of the common elements and a list of all of the elements that exhibit effects and require remediation, modification or replacement
  • Cost estimates, including labor and material for the repair or replacement
  • A detailed narrative report, including photographic documentation, which describes the defect or code violation and recommendations for remediation

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Property Condition Assessment

Ray Engineering, Inc. designed our Property Condition Assessment to determine the present physical condition of the project and its improvements.  We help determine any future anticipated issues, which may result in a financial risk or liability.

The PCA process includes:

  • A visual walk-through to observe the existing conditions.
  • Review of the available construction documentation, public records and current budgets.
  • Deciphering the information gathered and presenting it with intelligence for repair or further detailed review if the issues cannot be determined through visual observation alone.

Property Condition Reports contain a property description (site, buildings, history and maintenance) and a review of the following building components:

  • Site Improvements (Access, Parking, Paving/Drainage, Walks/Curbs, Utilities, Lighting, Landscaping/Irrigation, Fences/Walls, Signage and Disabled Accessibility/ADA).
  • Building Improvements (Foundation, Structure, Floor Construction, Exterior Wall Construction, Roof and Canopy Construction, Windows, Doors, Balconies/Terraces, Stairs, Interior Floors & Walls and Appliances/Cabinets, Disabled Accessibility/ADA)
  • Building Mechanical, Plumbing & Electrical Systems (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Vertical Transportation, Fire Protection/Life Safety Systems)
  • Tenant Spaces (Interior Finishes, Kitchen Appliances, HVAC, Plumbing/Fixtures, Electrical, Fire Protection/Life Safety Systems)
  • Other Issues (e.g., Fixtures, Furnishings and Equipment (FF&E) for hotels, more detailed mechanical studies, more detailed ADA surveys, etc.) — these issues can be included in a property condition report, but must be discussed prior to being proposed.

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Engineering and Design Services

Structural & Civil Design

  • Preparation of design plans and specifications for structural restoration.
  • Monitoring of the restoration work.
  • Certification of restoration work.
  • Review and analyze structural concerns including settlement problems, exterior deck, handrail or walkway problems, roof leaks or problems that could impact the structural integrity of a building.
  • Evaluate drainage issues and suggest corrective measures.

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Forensic Engineering / Expert Testimony

Forensic Engineering is essentially the investigation of materials, products or structures that fail or do not operate or function as intended causing personal injury or property damage.   The field also deals with retracing the process and procedures leading to accidents or structural failures.

Ray Engineering has performed forensic evaluations for over 30 years in the civil and structural engineering field.  We also provide expert testimony in dispute resolution including settlement discussions, mediation arbitration and trial in court.

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Construction Management and Monitoring

Construction Monitoring

Typical services include:

  • Review of plans and specifications to ensure completeness and conformance with current codes and standards.
  • Cost analysis to ensure construction budgets are sufficient to construct the projects as defined by the contract documents.
  • Conduct periodic site inspections to monitor construction progress and ensure conformance with plans and specifications.
  • Monitor construction progress for compliance to plans and specifications and provide a letter of acceptance upon completion of work.
  • Prepare detailed written reports for all services noted above.

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Physical Needs Assessment

Commercial/Residential/Office Buildings

The purpose of the Physical Needs Assessment is to identify and provide cost estimates for the following key items:

  • Immediate Physical Needs – repairs, replacements and significant maintenance items which should be done immediately.
  • Physical Needs Over the Term – repairs, replacements and significant maintenance items which will be needed over the term of the mortgage and two years beyond.

As part of the process, instances of deferred maintenance are also identified.

The assessment is based on the evaluator’s judgment of the actual condition of the improvements and the expected useful life of those improvements.  It is understood that the conclusions presented are based upon the evaluator’s professional judgment and that the actual performance of individual components may vary from a reasonably expected standard and will be affected by circumstances which occur after the date of the evaluation.

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Client Testimonials

“It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to provide a few words regarding Ray Engineering. I have worked with Ray Engineering for over 20 years and they were, they are, and they will continue to be my go-to engineering firm. They provide outstanding service with timely reports at a fair and reasonable price. I have used them for not only reserve studies but evaluations of the structural integrity of buildings, decks, and stairwells. They are very professional, quick to respond and provide excellent service to all parties involved. You cannot go wrong when you use Ray Engineering for your engineering and reserve study needs.”

Dennis F. Hoffman, PCAM

President & Broker, Community Management Associates, Inc.

“I have worked with Steve Ray and the professionals at Ray Engineering for many years. The work product and attention to detail delivered by Steve and his team is excellent. Whether we collaborate on reserve studies, resolving engineering problems, expert litigation needs or contract oversight, WCZ has grown to expect nothing but the best.”
Steven M. Winter

Partner, Winter Capriola Zenner, LLC

“I am writing today to give my 150% endorsement for Ray Engineering. I have worked with this company for 20 years and they are my ‘go-to’ company for reserve studies, property condition assessments and general engineering questions. Ray Engineering and their entire staff are responsive, fair in pricing, timely, understand developer communities as well as turned over or older communities. My Board and I enjoy walking with the engineer and learn so much! Their studies are easy to read and understandable for those in charge of making significant decisions for the stable and healthy choice for the Associations. I would always refer this company to any of my peers.”
Laura Lazar, PCAM

Vice President, Integrity Association Management Group

Ray Engineering Inc. Office